Dive the Adolphus Busch Sr. Wreck!

Wreck Diving the Busch Sr.

According to Scuba Diving magazine, “the preeminent must-dive wreck off Big Pine Key is the fully intact, 210-foot Adolphus Busch Sr., a former cargo freighter intentionally sunk in 1998…Because Adolphus Busch was purpose-sunk, it’s safe for light penetration.” Explore the  inside to meet the resident goliath groupers. Glide along the ship’s hull, peer in through the portholes to meet green moray eels.”

BUILT: Scotland, 1951.
OTHER NAMES: London, Ocean Alley, Topsail Star, Windsor Trader.
LENGTH: 210 feet.
BEAM: 36 feet.
TYPE: Freighter.
SANK: Dec. 5, 1998.
DEPTH: 50 to 105 feet.
SKILL: Advanced.

Wreck Diving with Captain Hook's

If You're Gonna Dive Make It a Wreck!

Our wreck dives can be structured in a number of ways.  The most common approach is to dive the wreck on the first dive and then go to a shallower reef for the second dive.  We often do what we call a “double dip”, where we dive the wreck for both dives.  Our online booking system below will tell you the dates and times that we are set up to dive the wreck.  Our wreck dives are guided dives with a dive master…they are there to assist you throughout the dive.  The Busch Sr. dive is an advanced dive.  We ask that you are an Advanced Open Water Diver or you have logged several dives in depths over 60 feet.

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